The dream of flying made real.

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iFLY uses the APCO Hybrid, the most technically advanced glider for your training.  Easiest glider to kite, launch and land available.  

 iFLY Indiana has a brand new air conditioned & heated training and assembly facility, please come check us out! 


 Call Today, the only thing you have to lose is Gravity

There is so much information on the internet about what equipment to buy (even more what NOT to buy), concerns about flying, "what happens when if the motor shuts off", a...
15 Min Discovery Call With the Owner
15 min

Powered Paragliding Training

iFLY Indiana provides USPPA Certified Powered Paragliding Training on our equipment or yours for $2500 (as low as $1000 with gear package).   Paramotor Training includes Ground Handling (Kiting), Simulator, Full Ground School and is under the guidance of USPPA Instructor Kevin Kemble who has ~1200 PPG fights.   Kevin is also a Private Pilot and brings 38 years of aviation experience from flying over 30 different aircraft into your training.   Complete Paramotor, Glider, Kiting and Training packages starting around $12,000, so why settle for less when you can get Expert Training and High-end gear for an amazing price.  iFLY Indiana's goal is to provide High Quality training and Equipment at great prices making the gift of flight more affordable! Full-time Classes are 7-9 Days, Part-time training is also available.  


Please call for a detailed quote, some restrictions apply, Indiana residents may be subject to sales tax.

Call today, the only thing you have to lose is Gravity!




You get off work, paramotor packed into the back of your car. You are leaving early because you just looked up the wind and see a mild 2mph. The park near work is quiet and perfect for today. 

Since it only takes 20 minutes to unpack your glider and get your motor setup, you are in the air, feet dangling above the trees as you weave around the pines. Only a few get to truly exprience this freedom. And you are one of them.

This is the beauty of Powered Paragliding. 




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