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iFly Indiana Powered Paragliding, LLC was founded in 2018 by Kevin & Terri Kemble.   Kevin has been a pilot for 37 years and has >1750 hours of flight time.  Kevin started flying fixed wing ultralights in 1985 and became a fixed wing ultralight instructor.   He earned his Private Pilots in 1992 and has owned / flown over 30 different aircraft.   Kevin's father Robert "Bob" Kemble passed away who also had a deep love of aviation and was in the United States Air Force and our school is dedicated in his memory and to all things aviation.  Kevin earned his instructors rating and tandem pilot rating from the USPPA and has 300 hours and over 2000 Paramotor flights. iFly Indiana's main objective is to provide professional training at affordable prices.  Classes are offered in a total-emersion setting devoted to everything Powered Paragliding. Students will leave the class prepared with all knowledge and skill to fly in a safe and proper manner.   A lifetime of aviation knowledge will be passed onto every student and the instructor - student bond will live on with a lifetime of assistance to all students.   iFly Indiana Powered Paragliding will be with you from your very first kite to your very last flight.  

Our dream is to make your dream of flight come true!  

                                                        Blue Skies

                                       Kevin & Terri Kemble

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