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Indiana Paramotor Training

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Powered Paragliding Training | Paramotor Training

Powered Paragliding or Paramotoring, is one of the easiest and safest forms of aviation to master. At iFly Indiana our training courses focus in on two key elements: Safety and a Love of Mastering the Fundamentals based on 34 years of Aviation Experience.  


Paramotor Training will take a complete beginner and novice to aviation, to a very proficient pilot, who is more than capable of launching at any given site, navigating to another location and flying back. 


Throughout our time with you, we will be going through our inclusive syllabus that places an emphasis on safety and pilot decision making. Our extensive training program is considered one of the best in United States, taking you well beyond the minimum requirements giving all pilots a solid foundation


Our Paramotoring course starts out learning the techniques and skills involved in Paragliding. After several hours of ground handling, you can expect to take your first solo flights at our training field. When you have mastered your launching, landing and basic glider skills, you will progress to your motor training.

Our training facility is located at the Starke County Airport in Knox Indiana

There is so much information on the internet about what equipment to buy (even more what NOT to buy), concerns about flying, "what happens when if the motor shuts off", a...
15 Min Discovery Call With the Owner
15 min

Ground Handling

Mastering the art of ground handling is a fundamental skill in learning to fly a paramotor and widely recognised as the most important of all skills a proficient paramotoring pilot can have. At iFly Indiana we put great emphasis on developing confident ‘kiting,’ control and launching skill techniques that teach pilots how to respond to their glider and understand its reaction.

Adding Power

With your ground handling skills now well practiced and your paragliding skills mastered, you are now ready to discover what powered flight is all about. After spending some time kiting your glider with the new additional weight of the motor and getting acquainted with the throttle, you will practice applying some power. Getting a feel for the engine and what it’s like to apply power is a new technique for you to master.

Taking to the Sky

With the culmination of all your skills learnt over the past few days you are now ready for your first powered flight. You will perform the same launch sequences you learned in the paragliding fundamentals and now simply add some power. Within a few short steps, you will now be airborne. You will practice your launching, landing, and turns. Lots of flights, touch and go’s and some stunning cross country flights are ahead of you. There are unlimited experiences and exciting challenges with this new sport.

What We Cover


  • Classroom/Ground School

  • Sectional Map Reading

  • Weather + Flight Planning

  • Cross Country Planning

  • As much flying as we can get in!

  • Supervised Cross Country Flight

  • All equipment supplied if needed (motor, glider, helmet + radio)

$2500 on our Equipment

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