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iFLY Indiana does our best to ensure your journey into the sky is the best possible experience and we have invested heavily to ensure we have the latest and greatest gear available for you to learn on.  Please be advised that while we do our best to have all gear available and back-ups as well, we do have equipment issues from time to time that may be out of our control and some facet of the training may not be available due to mechanical failure or weather (example: tandem flights)   Our goal is to get you flying on your own and a PPG2 rating but everyone learns at a different pace so ratings are not guaranteed and will only be provided if you meet the intent of the rating.   Please be advised that if we don't get you into the air due to weather or other circumstances we will invite you back at a later date to complete your training.  Becoming proficient at PPG is hard work so expect long days and lot of practice to run into the air.  Please make sure you are physically capble of spending long hours at a physically demanding sport.  Weather is also unpridictable and we will use all good weather to learn our fundamentals of flight.   We do not cancel classes due to weather, but if we are unable to complete your training due to weather you will have an opporunity to return at a later date (within 12 calendar months) to complete your training.  Refunds are not provided.

Coronavirus Note:  iFLY Indiana is bound by state requirements for social distancing and mask protocols when social distancing is not possible.  The Coronavirus has also effected shipping times so please be advised while we do our best to provide an estimated delivery date the various transportation companies and delivery dates are not guaranteed. 


We also do our best to ensure this website is up to date and accurate, but we are not responsible for print errors and all prices are subject to change at any time.

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